Licence agreements

Make All In Diary work for your organisation and reach a wider audience

We are keen to disseminate the All In Diary information as widely as possible. You can help us by entering a licence agreement for distribution of All In Diary to your staff and partners.  There is a licence charge – exact fees agreed in the light of local/organisational circumstances and depending on the the size of distribution.

Together we can support the learning and development of all your staff and partners.

Here are examples of how we have set up licence agreements with other organisations.

  • In the Philippines, All In Diary is in partnership with Save the Children and IOM for the printing and distribution of copies to support the response to Typhoon Yolanda.
  • World Vision International have included key All In Diary information pages in their Pocket Guide for Humanitarian Workers – an internal document for field workers
  • Korea NGO Council for  Overseas Development Corporation  reached agreement for the translation, printing and distribution of up to 1,500 copies.
  • Save the Children UK  adapted and translated the information pages to produce a Self-Development Workbook in Myanmar for capacity building with local partners.

Footer agencies only

A licence agreement gives your organisation permission to use the All In Diary information pages in a range of formats, and to print and distribute these as agreed.  This is in return for a contribution to All In Diary, in recognition of our efforts in developing the materials, and to support our ongoing work.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.


“All In Diary recognises that field staff are extremely busy and under pressure to perform quickly. Both the content and formatting of All In Diary information pages provide easy-to-use access and consolidation of key standards, approaches and resources needed by humanitarian staff on the ground.”

Alexandra Levaditis, Head of Capacity Building Team, World Visions

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