Diary in action

There are many different ways in which the All In Diary is being used, and is proving useful.

Using the information pages to support training and capacity building

    • UNICEF in Syria gave participants on their training courses electronic copies of the Arabic translation
    • RedR UK supply printed copies of the All In Diary on their flagship courses
    • American Red Cross have printed key pages as posters for their walls
    • UNHCR provide copies of All In Diary to support the induction of their interns

Including references and links to this website

Many organisations have ‘Resources’ sections  on their websites where they suggest useful sites people may visit, or ‘Recommended Reading Lists’ in publications.   All In Diary is cited and linked in numerous websites and publications for this reason – widening access to essential information.  Examples include:

    • Logistics Learning Alliance
    • Norwegian Refugee Council
    • CARE International

If you would like to link www.allindiary.org to your website, then please contact us and we can supply details and graphics as appropriate.

Promote All In Diary through social media and their websites

Our aim is to ensure the widest possible access to good practice, and you can support us by sharing links, updates, blogs which raise awareness of the information and resources available through All In Diary.  Recent examples include:

    • Relief web – who successfully promoted the launch of our 4th edition through their website and social media
    • Asian NGO – who are featuring All In Diary in their online newsletter and website

If you have ideas on how to promote All In Diary, then please contact us and we can supply details and graphics as appropriate.

For personal development and personal use

Many humanitarian workers are taking the All In Diary into the field with them, either in printed form or downloaded to their computer, tablets or phones.

“The All In Diary has opened my eyes to how humanitarian workers should relate to the people whom they are assisting.”

Mr Peter Imbayarwo, Council Chairman for Zaka Rural District Council, Zimbabwe.

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