Country specific versions

Collaborate with us to produce country-specific versions of All In Diary.

In Pakistan in 2011 we worked with UNICEF Child Protection Section to adapt the information pages to include references to context specific priorities and coordination structures.  UNICEF then printed over 7,000 copies in English and Urdu.

In Zimbabwe in 2009 we were supported by RedR UK and ECHO funding to adapt the information pages to the Zimbabwe context, and, working with a local partner – the Institute of Water and Sanitation Development, we arranged the printing and distribution of 2,000 copies.

In Sri Lanka in 2008 we worked with RedR Sri Lanka and CBHA to tailor the information in their Humanitarian Diary to support local NGOs.

If you would like to suggest a country-specific version, contact us.

“I was introduced to All In Diary during my pre-deployment training with RedR Australia, and it made a very positive impression.  The Child Protection Unit in UNICEF Pakistan wanted to get child protection messages across to the whole humanitarian sector and by adding pages on child protection into the All In Diary, we were able to do this successfully.  It was a wholly positive experience working with All In Diary.”

Alice Clements, Communication for Development Coordinator


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